Monday, 31 March 2008

North Yorkshire Calligraphers

North Yorkshire Calligraphers have their website up and running now - click on the link below to visit the site

Faery Beam

Another finished piece - the main lettering is stencilled then laid on the paper, the purple gouche is sprayed over using a very technical piece of equipment (an old toothbrush!!) Once this is dry the rest of the lettering is added. I'm now thinking of doing another version but with straight lettering instead of angled.

Stardust - finished piece

The moment of truth!

Stardust - wash

Just put the purple/blue wash over the lettering written in resist

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Stardust Project

This is a project that I'm ongoing with at the moment - just practising with the coloured washes now before I do the finished versions.

Terry Johnson - Calligraphic Surgery

Terry will be holding a one day session on the 10th August. Contact Greystoke Cycle Cafe of visit their website for more information

Lymm Festival - Calligraphy Inc

The Second Annual Exhibition of Calligraphy

by Calligraphy Inc.

on Saturday and Sunday

28th and 29th June 2008

at The Village Hall, Lymm, Cheshire

10am to 4pm

March Meeting - photos

updating slightly later than planned! here's the pictures from the March meeting with Terry - subject for the day was Sharpened Italics

Saturday, 8 March 2008

March Meeting

Sharpened Italics - with Terry Johnson

Just had our March meeting today with one of our regular tutors - Terry Johnson. Last year we had a couple of workshops on the basic Italic script so it was a nice development to look at the sharpened variation today. Lots of practising the strokes and technique in the morning and then progressing onto words/sentences in the afternoon.

Will be posting the pictures up tomorrow!