Sunday, 9 June 2013

Requiem for the Printed Word - exhibition at Florence Mine, Egremont

Last month we provided calligraphy to an exhibition on at Florence Mine in Egremont, a few photos are below of the work we did and some of the other exhibits. All based around a Cumbrian theme and word related!

Carolingian Workshop - with Angela Dalleywater

Our May workshop was a tutor day with Angela Dalleywater

This was Angela's first visit to our group and it was a real treat to welcome her to Penrith. We spent the day looking at Carolingian lettering - an Eighth Century script and the first to fully use minuscules. It's place as one of the most important script developments is well deserved however nowadays it does seem to have taken a back seat in workshops to the the more popular Italic, Gothic and Uncial hands.

It's a beautiful looking script, developing from the roman half-uncial and it has a natural elegance to it with extended ascenders and descenders.

Angela Dalleywater, above, pointing out some of the particular strokes used to create the letters

examples of Angel's work

The last image above shows some of my lettering practice sheets along with the hand-out provided by Angela that we used for reference.