Monday, 16 March 2009

March Meeting - new members and a handwriting competition

We had 5 new members - yes 5! at our meeting on Saturday. All relative beginners so Terry took them under his wing and started them off with a Round Hand tutorial for the day.

I have to say many thanks to Terry for this as he was excellent with them and they all had a positive day. I'm looking forward to seeing them in April.

As we had no tutor this month the rest of the group all undertook the task of judging a handwriting competition! - this is part of the Northern Pen Show that is held on 25th April in Lytham, near Blackpool.

We had 6 schools enter, with 3 age groups (8-9yrs, 9-10yrs and 10-11 yrs). A piece of literature had been pre-chosen for each age group so that they were all judged fairly.

We took a school each and judged the winners of the three age groups, then came the harder task of choosing an overall winner - we went back and forward between a couple of entries for quite a while before agreeing on a winner - all the winners will be announced on the day so I'm not going to spoil the suprise!

But I will say WELL DONE to everyone who entered!

below are some images from the day

Terry's example of Capital Lettering

Judging the competition!

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