Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Bookbinding with Michael Burke

Although this weekend course wasn't part of Eden Valley Scribes, I thought I'd post about it anyhow as it was fantastic!

I've always loved hand-made books so a weekend course at Tullie House in Carlisle on bookbinding using long & link stitching sounded excellent. The plan was to make four books over the two days, each getting more advanced and more intricate with the stitching.

Our tutor, Michael, was excellent, he demonstrated everything as we were going along and was so patient at explaining whenever we were stuck! He also provided all the paper and thread material (which just cost a little extra but was brilliant value for money). I'd be the first to admit that sewing isn't one of my strengths however that didn't really matter and it's probably made me slightly less afraid of needles now!

I got all four of the books made (with a little bit finished off at home). Here is a couple of photos of them. (left to right - tacket stitch, longstitch, long and link stitch and link stitch.

Michael Burke is a professional bookbinder and has his own bindery in the Lakes but he is also involved in bookbinding in America and holds regular workshops there.

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