Sunday, 16 May 2010

Vellum examples

At our May workshop John had brought with him some stunning examples of work on Vellum, the first here is a commission that Margaret Daubney produced - the client took the other version of this one.

Margaret had also commisioned fellow calligrapher Ann Hechle to produce this piece of work for John - it was a treat to be able to see this up close. Ann had also given John a series of detailed information about each of the squares that she had researched. Brilliant!

Following on from this John also had some of the tester pieces that Margaret had worked on - it's useful to be able to see the tests as so often all we see are is the finished version in a book or exhibition and we're left guessing how it developed and progessed into what we see. It maybe takes away some of the mystery but as an amatuer I love seeing the rough layouts and ideas as it helps me to work through a project and idea's develop as I go along. Some won't work, and some will but unless you follow them through how do you know this?