Sunday, 5 September 2010

Quarto - Sept meeting pics

Paul's work

I had a brilliant workshop yesterday with the Quarto book arts group that meet in Sunderland. Paper artist Paul Johnson held a workshop on pop-up books, we were creating a row of market stalls that each had a different theme - toys, flowers and clothes.

Paul provided the templates so we could get on with the construction as quickly as possible - the hinges were all dovetail joints and so simple - just a triangle that slotted in and fixed to the paper.

Paul's work

Paul's work

We built the flower stall first, and spent some time using the coloured sheets that Paul provided to create the flowers. It was important to understand how to attach decorations to the pop up so that it all folds down correctly - I had to 'prune' my flowers so that the middle section folded properly!

Above pic - basic construction for one of my stalls.

It was also the ninth birthday of the group so Margaret brought cake for everyone! I'd recommend you visit Paul's website for more information on his work.

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