Sunday, 26 July 2009

Quarto Book Art Group

Yesterday I visited the Quarto Book Art group that meeets in Sunderland four times a year, they are a great mix of people and interests, some are also in local calligraphy groups. They each make a book to bring to the day and then swap that with another so everyone leaves the day with a different book - it's a great way to share and appreciate what everyone has done. The theme for this month was 'Bad Books' so they ranged from a books of bad jokes, a book made badly!, a book of bad quotes, a book on poisons (a bad way to die) plus lots more.

It was interesting to see how everyone interpreted the theme differently.

We also had three demonstrations during the day - Margaret Beech showed us various methods for pop-up books, Manny Ling showed us how to make a book using four needles (I though using one needle is hard enough but this wasn't as scary as it sounded!) and then Christine Blunt ended the day showing us how to make a star concertina book which was lovely.

I can't wait to go the next meeting in October with my first book to swap - the theme is appertures and windows so I need to get thinking!

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